Siersae is associated with taking bold action with a hot and fiery spirit that stimulates the root chakra, helping circulate vital energy to your center. Whenever you're called on to perform, you will be the star of your own show  by accessing the healing properties of your fiery companion guiding you in facing your fears. Gearing up for an interview or audition? Bring Siersae with you and get ready for opportunity to rock, even if you’re sweating bullets from extreme stress. She can bring out hidden talents by creating harmony between mental focus and creativity in the melding of the right and left parts of the brain. Discover your  passion by finding  a comfortable place to sit outside and watch the sunset; the closing of the day and the beginning of a new dawn. When you feel that jolt of inspiration, the light bulb switching on in your brain, close your eyes and sit quietly while asking yourself what would bring you joy and excitement in your life at this very moment. Whatever first thoughts come to mind, meditate on what steps you need to get there and Siersae will help focus your energy on what truly matters. Like the age-old proverb says, "May your new ideas feel like a sunrise.”

Stones: Agate and Carnelian

Price: $100.00

The Golden Sun

The Golden Sun  strengthens heart, gives courage, harmonizes heart, throat and solar plexus, detoxifies the system, reduces temperature, sharpens, sight, illuminates, gives balance, eloquence, vitality and joy, mellows, brings prosperity, raises self esteem, balances extremism, aids in re-oxygenation of body, regenerates, protects from x-rays, strength, protection, support, aids upset stomach, lungs, depression, lethargy, throat, skin, tumor. Earth, For grounding & balance. For strength, protection and support. Aids strength and courage. Compels truth, promotes good manners, happiness, intelligence, prosperity, longevity, fertility, and good health. Assists in making and keeping friends, helpful to farmers and those interested in growing plants. Aid in restoration of energy, used in healing, and believed to bring wearer happiness, wealth, health, and long life. Increases ability to ward off self-induced anger and inner bitterness.

Stones: Dragon Vein agate and Golden Agate

Price: $160.00

Wild Spirit Designs

Naeini is a very soothing spirit, still, her energy is a subtle and deep energy that seems to nurture one on their soul level. She is great as a protector, but it is also nurturing during soul retrievals, healing of traumas or other deep emotional wounds; she is not only a helper for those being healed, but for the healer as well.  She can help to facilitate tranquility and eliminate worry and depression. It also brings mental clarity.  Naeini is the spirit of universal love.  She restores trust and harmony in relationships, encouraging unconditional love.  She purifies and opens the heart at all levels to promote love, self-love, friendship, deep inner healing and feelings of peace.  Calming and reassuring, she helps to comfort in times of grief. She dispels negativity and protects against environmental pollution, replacing it with loving vibes.  encourages self forgiveness and acceptance invoking self trust and self worth.

Stone:  Rose quartz and Sci-fi Jasper

Price: $100.00

Salia .jpg

Salia will radiate a soft strength to ground your spirit with a sense of stability.  She will bring harmony to all aspects of your being, physical, spiritual and emotional. If you work with her during  times of unbalance, when it feels as if the yin and yang within you are operating out of proportion, she can reintroduce an equilibrium to your tempered soul. She is best for people who are seeking the fortitude for long lasting endurance. If you are struggling with addiction or wanting to implement healthy habits, she can be very helpful for manifesting goals, seeing things through and providing soft and steady support.  She is a spirit  of possibility and hope, and encourages artistic expression and exploration of the unknown, while still maintaining logic and attention to detail that brings projects and ventures into reality. She will help release emotional repression and blocks to fertility, by lending the knowledge that sexuality is a natural function and sensuality is the body's appreciation of the fullness of life.

Stones: Moss Agate and Botswana Agate

Price: $100.00