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My journey into the world of wearable art begins with a love for stones and their inherent beauty as created by nature.  I've been collecting pretty stones since I was a little girl and have always been fascinated with their unique qualities.  Nature is so vast in her ability to create incredibly beautiful objects.  I found myself picking up stones where ever I went - sometimes as a souvenir from a special place, other times because the stone itself was so remarkable I felt compelled to hold it and bring it home.  My pockets were frequently filled with little treasures.

     I did find that my energy resonated more with some rocks than with others, and felt drawn at times to specific types of gemstones. I felt as if some stones "spoke" to me and I was drawn to them. As I learned more about various stones and crystals I learned that they each had vibrational properties and have been historically been used for healing and personal influences for thousands of years.  Each stone has a different set of attributes associated with it that may be viewed as gifts to those who spend close time with them.  As such, they act like personal talisman and guardians.  In my work, I have utilized these attributes to develop spiritual guides who can be worn both for ornamentation as well as for their energy and influence.  You may want to meditate with them, or hold them close, or keep them close by you.  They can boost your energy and outlook, clean your space, attract positive outcomes, bring healing,  enhance your intuition, increase your mental abilities, boost your confidence or attract wealth.  At a minimum they will bring you a smile and give you a positive outlook to your day.


Personalized Jewelry & Wearable Art



Wild Spirit Designs offers wearable art & personal talismans. Each piece is a handmade and individualized work with a story revealing individualized properties and special attributes bringing joy, healing, protection, and creative energy for the wearer.

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