Abeni will help you to know yourself but on your own terms. Belief systems? Meh. Gender roles? Who needs ‘ em? She will help to  keep the mind free of societal expectations and self-doubt, leaving just you and your authentic self to contemplate your existence within the vast universe. Sounds intense but don’t take yourself too seriously during your meditation, especially if your mind is prone to wondering. Notice what thoughts creep up and distract you. Is it memories from the past? A foreboding of the future? Whatever thoughts are holding you back from your full potential, toss them to the side and brush that dirt off your shoulder. Once your mind is clear and receptive, let Abeni take you to the magical world of dusk, a special time when darkness gives way to light. A powerful protection spirit, she absorbs and transforms negative energy, and helps to prevent the drain of personal energy. She can aid in the development of emotional and physical strength and stamina, especially when support is needed during times of stress, confusion or grief.  She can encourage happiness and good fortune.

Stone: Black Onyx

Price: $100

Esthne (2).jpg

Access the healing powers of Esthne by incorporating her into your daily meditation practice. With every deep breath, say to yourself, ‘I am grounded and connected to the earth.’ As you say the words, feel this powerful totem absorbing negativity and bolstering your inner strength and resolve.

While typically associated with transmuting negative vibes and clearing toxic emotions, she is also an excellent manifestation agent and can help transform your dreams and aspirations into reality. With the simple act of bringing you back down to earth, Esthne calms a troubled mind by giving you the clarity and focus you need to be the boss at whatever you do. No matter how small or epic your progress, each action you take with your eye on the prize is one step closer to having  good luck coming your way. She will help you see the silver lining in any situation, keeping your outlook sunny and upbeat even when it rains and pours.

Stones: Hematite in Crystal, and Crystal Quartz

Price: $140


Bianca may be considered a supreme nurturer. She reminds  us that there is more that surrounds us than ourselves.  She can help to protect from negativity by  grounding us, balancing yin yang and assisting  during astral travel.  She helps to align and cleanse the chakras and your Aura.  Bianca  helps to balance the physical, emotional and intellectual bodies with the etheric energies. She will  increase your level of determination in all pursuits and aids in quick thinking. She  also reminds one to be honest with oneself and to help others.  She will connect you to magic and the web of life.  She helps you through tough times and brings tranquility and feelings of well-being. She is a spirit of protection and is able to absorb negative energy.

Stones: Stone Canyon Jasper, Agate

Price: $100

Necklace with ceramic bead

Price: $80.00

wild spirit designs
Necklace with Red Bee

Price: $85.00

wild spirit designs
Necklace in Pink

Stones: Pink Agate, Coral and Pink Jasper


Price: $150.00

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